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Glitch is an in-browser collaborative programming environment that enables you to update and iterate code quickly entirely in the browser. This platform is designed to go beyond static sites by enabling you to run applications.

Note: The default root URL for websites published using Glitch is: project-name.glitch.me

Start a new project

In the App templates under the ‘New Project’ drop down menu, select ‘hello-webpages’.

Update the project files

Replace the default project files. You can add upload files by selecting the ‘New file’ drop down menu or copy and paste your code into the existing HTML, CSS, and JS documents. You can also delete existing files by selecting the dotted hamburger menu next to the file name and selecting ‘delete’.

Change the name of your project

Remember, the name of your project will be in your project URL. Select the project name to change it from the default.

See and share your live site

Select the ‘Share’ drop down menu. Here you will find all the links you need to share your project. Select ‘Live App’ to see the project URL.

Congratulations! You now have a website!

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