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OpenStreetMap is the free and editable map of the world, created and maintained by a huge international community. Mapbox Streets, our customizable map layer of streets, buildings, and places from all around the world, is powered by open data from OpenStreetMap. Anybody can create an account and start editing on within minutes.

Our data team updates OpenStreetMap based on quality analysis and customer feedback. Our principle is to work in the open, these mapping guides are primarily consolidated and maintained by our data team for various mapping projects and on-boarding new team members.

You are welcome to join one of our open mapping projects over on the issue queue and use these best practice mapping guides. These guides are licensed under Public Domain (CC0), if you would like to contribute or have an feedback on these, please feel free to raise an issue in this repository.

Fixing common mapping issues

Mapping guides

Fixing common mapping issues

Identifying common mistakes made by mappers for road network and knowing how to fix them is important to improve the quality of the map. If you spot mistakes which needs major fixing, send a friendly message on the users’ changeset on what is wrong and how it could be fixed. You can use this guide as a reference while fixing data errors in JOSM.

Highway errors

Issue Whats wrong How to fix it Tips
Overlapping ways A highway which run over itself or another way with the exact same road classification. (Note the arrows on the selected way) Run validator shift+V —> Among validator errors/warnings select Overlapping ways —> Delete the overlapping way, make sure there are no gaps or missing pieces left behind.  
Untagged Ways untagged Ways with no tags associated with the geometry Run validator shift+V —> Among validator errors/warnings select Untagged ways —> Select individual ways and add appropriate highway tags Refer OpenStreetMap wiki on highway tagging schema
Crossing ways crossing_way1 The ways (with highway/railway/waterway tags) that crosses in same layer with no crossing/intersecting node Run validator shift+V —> Among validator errors/warnings select Crossing ways —> shift+I to add the intersecting node Install utilsplugin2 to get advanced intersection modeling features. Refer to this guide for JOSM shortcuts.
Self-intersecting ways  A highway which intersects itself, possibly sharing same nodes at intersection. Run validator shift+V —> Among validator errors/warnings select Self-intersecting way —> Split using shortcut (P) at the intersection (common node) and delete the segment which is intersecting the highway  
Way end node near other highway way end A highway node which ends near to other highways but dont connect each other. Run validator shift+V —> Among validator errors/warnings select Way end node near other highway —> Select individual node and press shift+J to form the connection.  
Add layer=1 for bridges bridgefilterIf there is a lot bridges without layer=1 tag, you can filter bridges easily. Go to every bridge and look into imagery for it’s layers (layer=1, layer=2 etc) and add OSM Wiki on bridge
Add junction=roundabout junction Add junction=roundabout for circle OSM Wiki for roundabout
Possibility to improve alignment improvement Use W to align the lines/polygons to the imagery  

Non-Highway errors

Overlapping buildings screen shot 2015-11-24 at 5 50 20 pm Buildings which are overlapping, should be separated Run Validator and separate manually, use ‘Q’ to orthogonalise it Check OSM wiki on building for more information.  
Split bridge at exact location image Should split bridge exactly to match imagery Switch between Bing/Mapbox to clear confusion OSM wiki on bridge  
Crossing waterways/highways crossingwater Run shift+v to get all crossing waterways and highways Add layer=1 to bridges to solve the issue bridge
Missing highway names missingnames The names of highways should be added using recent TIGER (Only for USA) data Steps to add predefined imagery sources in JOSM OSM wiki on TIGER  
Abbreviated road names abbreviated Do not abbreviate street names, write full name E.g: Boulevard as Blvd, Street as St, Court as Ct, Drive as Dr etc